It’s getting hot out and it is time to enjoy the sun and have fun! One of our recent blogs discussed gardening as an activity for seniors, but maybe you need more ideas for outside one’s home. Denver is ever expanding, it is estimated that over 70,000 people have moved here since 2010. Denver is obviously a growing city, but the 65 and older population in particular is growing. With growth there are more and more things to do in Denver and it becomes a challenge to keep up with all the exciting activities happening around us. We have come up with 7 ideas this summer to help keep you and your aging loved one engaged in the community. We also have included a quick list of items to not forget, if you go on an outing with your aging loved one.

1.) Denver Recreation Centers Active Adults (AOA) Programs

When we think of the rec center, we often times only think of workout classes and walking group, but AOA programs include much more. There are cooking classes, bingo, luncheons, BBQs and educational classes as well.

2.) YMCA Denver

Similar to Denver Parks and Recreation, the YMCA offers exercise classes and social activities. They even offer day trips to popular spots near Denver.

3.) Adult Day Centers

These centers are a professional setting where older adults receive both social, emotional, nutritional, and daily living needs. There are various Adult Day Programs in the Denver area. Adult Day Centers take the stress of finding activities for your loved one, so you do not have to. These programs provide respite for caregivers. Call Denver Senior Care if you would like help with locating various Adult Day Programs in the Denver Metro area.

4.) Denver Public Libraries

You may be surprised to know that the library offers music and movie events. As the Denver community ages, libraries are increasing events targeted for older adults. Denver public libraries host many intergenerational activities. Intergenerational activities increase socialization and provide both positive benefits for children and older adults.

5.) Indoor and Outdoor Shopping Malls

Air-conditioning and snacks are easily accessible, thus making malls a great option for summer entertainment for all ages. Malls offer flat handicap accessible surfaces, making them a safe option on a hot day.

6.) Meetup Groups for Seniors in Denver

Meetup is an online database of groups you can join; most are free. You can also start your own Meetup group, if you have a particular interest or activity you would like others to join you in.

7.) Volunteer Opportunities

There are multiple organizations that will help you find an appropriate volunteer opportunity. Below are a few that you may find helpful in your search.

  • Project Helping organizes volunteer opportunities. You can use their website to search volunteer opportunities in the Denver area.
  • Foster Grandparent Program is for persons 55 and older who live on a fixed income. Eligible volunteers will receive a stipend.
  • Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) connects seniors 55 and older with volunteer programs. They help connect you with an appropriate volunteer opportunity.

What to remember when you go on an outing with your aging loved one:


  • Water
  • Snacks
  • Tissues and wet wipes
  • Rain jacket/umbrella
  • Sunscreen/hat/sunglasses
  • Extra change of clothes and depends, if your loved one is incontinent
  • Sweater, because in summer months, sometimes air conditioner can be too chilly
  • Activity, such as a magazine, book or cards, to keep your aging loved one from getting bored if you have to wait at any point during your activity
  • Durable Medical Equipment such as portable oxygen, wheelchair, walker, cane, etc.
  • Medications
  • Medication list and medical directive paperwork, in case of an emergency