Strategies and Tips for Moving your Aging Parent

Moving from a home that holds so many memories can be absolutely gut-wrenching, when having to leave it all behind and move into a completely new environment. However, there are strategies and tips as to how to work through the process of downsizing and prepping for the move, and the actual physical move, that can make it all just a little bit easier on everyone involved.

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3 Simple Cold and Flu Prevention Tips

As we head into a new season with chillier temperatures, keep in mind these 3 helpful tips for preventing a cold or the flu. The easiest way to prevent the flu for older adults and really just about anyone, is to get the influenza vaccination each year.

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3 Key Areas of Concern for LGBTQ Seniors and How to Address Them

Aging LGBTQ individuals face unique challenges when it comes to accessing healthcare. LGBTQ individuals and communities, however, have long been resilient and resourceful in the face of difficulties. Their successes lead to empowerment and solutions. Below you will find three key areas of concern that often affect LGBTQ seniors along with concrete steps on how to address them.

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7 Activity Ideas for Dementia

These 7 ideas are just a few ways to get started offering some activity stimulation for your loved one struggling with dementia. It is important to be patient while introducing anything new to the daily routine and not to get discouraged if you experience resistance from your loved one.

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Quick Guide: Age-Related Hearing Loss

Dealing with any degree of hearing loss is really difficult for all those involved. For the family and friends of a loved one, it can become quite exhausting always having to repeat yourself and talk louder, only for them to continue to think you said something completely different.

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10 Ways a Care Manager Can Help Right Now

An experienced local care manager can help alleviate the stress that comes along with aging. Contact Denver Senior Care consultants today to get a plan in place for yourself or a family member to help you feel empowered and in control of your current or future care needs.

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8 Services to Help You Age Safely at Home

Aging in place can definitely be quite the balancing act but know that there are a vast amount of support services available to ensure that safety is the number one priority. Denver Senior Care consultants are here for you to help assess the situation and address the needs by devising an action plan to help you age in place safely.

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