Technology has changed significantly over the last few decades and now more than ever it is easier for seniors to take advantage of the many options available to safely age in place. There are a variety of accommodations available to implement in your home that we will go over below. Aging in place can be a challenge and something many older adults face. It is not unreasonable for seniors to want to maintain or gain independence in their own home.

Assistive technology can include an item or piece of equipment that is used to maintain, increase, or improve the functional capabilities of individuals with aspects of day to day life at home. Assistive technology can range from low tech to high tech devices or equipment.

A simple way older adults can make a quick change is to increase the font size on any devices that they currently own such as a smartphone, Kindle, or iPad. The lens of the eye begins to harden as one ages which can make it increasingly difficult to read small text. The font size on most devices can be changed under ‘Settings’. We are fortunate that digital technology can connect people with their family when traveling to the same location is hard. Take advantage of things like Facebook or FaceTime with your loved ones as a way to stay in touch!

Amazon Echo and Alexa is a smart speaker that is voice-activated. Seniors can utilize this type of technology as a type of personal assistant that they can interact with and set to control household appliances. The Echo has the ability to turn on the lights by voice command, this is particularly beneficial to help avoid falls for someone who frequently wakes up in the middle of the night. This device is beneficial for those who suffer from mobility issues. It can be set up to answer phone calls, send emails, or even request an Uber. You can even ask it to read you the news or announce the current weather conditions.

Every year many older adults are hospitalized due to falls in the home. These falls can often lead to other health complications and contribute to a decreased quality of life. A Medical Alert System is a wearable device that can get older adults emergency assistance. Simply press the call button and then you are put in touch with a dispatcher who can either get emergency help or contact a family member or friend. Note that these devices have service options and fees associated with them.

At this point in time the Echo and Alexa are able to call landline numbers or cell phone numbers but not 9-1-1. Medical Alert Systems can call 9-1-1 and stays on your body. There are several different companies to choose from when it comes to purchasing your own Medical Alert Systems but keep in mind that you can ask for a better price than the one listed to get a possible discount.

These devices may offer peace of mind for seniors and their families. If you are interested in learning more about how technology can help your aging loved one age in place contact Denver Senior Care consultants today. We are knowledgeable of businesses in Denver that specialize in improving the safety of seniors through the use of assistive technology