According to the National Council on Aging (NCOA) survey, 3 out of every 4 elderly persons have every intention of staying in their current homes for as long as they live. It is understandable that many older adults do not want to leave their homes. Many memories were created there and it provides a sense of independence and comfort.

Is this statistic surprising to anyone? Does it perhaps make you a little apprehensive if your loved one lives alone? Or as an older adult, do you share the same sentiments as this statistic from the NCOA? Does it also make you a little concerned as to how you can continue to live safely in your home? Having a plan in place will put you or your aging loved one more at ease, while continuing to age in place for as long as possible.

Planning ahead for the future is hard, as you never know how your care needs might change over time. To plan ahead you need to anticipate future needs and have a support system in place to assist with transitions.

8 Services to Help You Age Safely at Home:

1.) Personal Care

Do you find that bathing, dressing, and getting ready for the day is harder to do? You can consider getting a caregiver to assist with any of these tasks. There are a number of home care companies in your area that can provide assistance. Be sure to be specific in your needs and preferences to ensure the agency can find the best fit for your care needs.

2.) Home Chores

Are you having a hard time keeping up with cleaning the house, doing laundry, yard work or grocery shopping? There are organizations and services available to help with these chores. If cost is an issue turn towards your community for help whether it be a neighbor or your church. There are also grocery stores that now have home delivery service options.

3.) Home Modifications

To age safely in your home it is essential to consider the following modifications: grab bars in the bathroom, an accessible bathtub or walk-in shower with a shower chair, installation of a ramp, installation of a chair lift and removal of potential fall hazards like throw rugs. There can also be modifications to kitchens or other rooms in the home to increase the accessibility and functionality. Don’t forget additional lighting in the home, especially in those high traffic areas!

4.) Meals

Is cooking becoming more of a challenge these days? Are you concerned you may not be receiving the proper nutrition? There are a variety of meal delivery services available that can customize meals to meet any special dietary restrictions, while also keeping it nutritious. Check out our blog post on Tasty Meal Delivery Options for Seniors.

5.) Personal Emergency Response Systems

There are a variety of systems that provide 24 hour monitoring and an immediate response if a fall should occur. An emergency response system gives that added assistance, while continuing to foster independence. A lot of these systems even provide continued monitoring outside the home when on the go.

6.) Medication Monitoring Systems

According to the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, more than a third of medication-related hospitalizations are due to patients not taking their medicine as prescribed. The American Pharmacists Association states that medication non-adherence has been associated with 40% of nursing home admissions. These statistics can be startling. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to have something in place to ensure medications are being taken daily and accurately. There are various medication dispensing systems that can be used at home that once programmed, will automatically dispense the medication at the correct dose and time of day.

7.) Transportation

There are now a variety of private transportation companies who specialize in senior transport. There are also senior centers and senior-focused organizations that provide rides to doctor appointments, grocery store or other errands. Check out rideshare options in your community such as Uber or Lyft.

8.) Managing of Finance and Legal Needs

Who will manage your assets and assure you and your loved ones are protected? Many of the financial and legal components can be dealt with early. There are many reputable financial advisors and legal professionals who can help with addressing some of these questions and other areas such as, living wills, trusts and guardianship.

Aging in place can definitely be quite the balancing act but know that there are a vast amount of support services available to ensure that safety is the number one priority. Denver Senior Care consultants are here for you to help assess the situation and address the needs by devising an action plan to help you age in place safely.