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We are often told that as adults, we are equipped to handle life’s challenges. I generally would agree with that until the recent passing of my father and his long, hard fought battle with colon cancer. The death of a parent is truly something you never understand until you have experienced it firsthand. The process taught me so much. Not only about the endless questions and concerns I’d be faced with but the blessings that would follow.

My siblings, as so many other families today, are spread out across the country making it difficult to care for aging parents. With jobs, family responsibilities and different time zones we sometimes found it hard to stay informed of my dads ever changing condition. Scheduling appointments, arranging transportation, staying on top of changes in medication or just arranging extra in home health care was a challenge to say the least. Luckily, the Denver Senior Care Consultants helped us customize a plan that fit our needs as well as our Dad’s.

One is never quite prepared for the loss of a loved one but the kindness and compassion we received from Audrey in the days following his passing were so consoling. Her calm demeanor, professionalism, and “hands-on” approach kept us on track as we sorted through the treasured memories. We can’t thank you enough!

I highly recommend the knowledge and expertise of the Denver Senior Care Consultants. Utilizing the valuable tools they provide throughout the process was not only priceless to our family but a true blessing!

The Ramsey’s

Client, El Dorado Hills , CA

My family recently went through a very difficult time when my elderly mother-in-law experienced a severe ongoing mental health crisis while we were living in a different state. I honestly don’t know what we would have done without the caring, professional expertise that Denver Senior Care provided to us. They not only helped us navigate the complex world of doctors, confusing diagnoses, medication management options, provider resources, etc. but they were an invaluable partner in troubleshooting ongoing care, serving as a physician liaison, providing ongoing invaluable tips to assist my mother in law in her daily living environment, identifying physical and emotional challenges and more importantly solutions! Everything from cueing, outings, calendaring, interfacing with numerous support staff, identifying physical needs, setting up helpful reminder systems in her apt, etc., were recommended. Their wealth of resources proved very helpful to us as there were many and what seemed like insurmountable needs my mother-in-law faced. Highly recommended!

Katie Nieser

Client, Santa Rosa, CA


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