Denver Senior Care Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):


1.)Why would someone need Denver Senior Care consultants?


  • You are unsure, confused, or overwhelmed about what next steps to take with your aging loved one, OR…

  • You need support to implement an action plan tailored to your loved one’s unique aging needs, whether the goal is to stay at home or move to a senior living community, OR…

  • You do not have the time to check in on your loved one, OR…

  • You do not live near your loved one and are unable to attend to daily care needs, OR…

  • Your loved is in need of counseling and social support at home or in a long-term care setting, OR…

  • A loved one would benefit from placement in a long-term care community (Assisted Living, Independent Living, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing Facility, or Rehabilitation Center) and you need advice on what is available

2.) What if my loved one wishes to remain in their home?


  • Our team strives to meet and maintain the goals of our clients to age in place and remain home as long as the environment is safe for the individual

  • We begin our plan of action by conducting an in-person visit, developing a care plan, arranging services to maintain independence and safety in the home, and provide check-in’s for support and ongoing needs that arise

  • We arrange services that are the best fit for your loved one to maintain independence and safety in the home

  • We match you with in-home caregivers, and we offer support and oversight

3.) How do you help with the move and transition to a senior living community?


  • Our team has extensive knowledge of senior living options in the Denver area

  • We walk you through the senior living community admission process

  • To ensure your loved one adjusts successfully to their new living environment, we establish a daily routine, make sure they have access to activities they love, create calendar reminders, and make their room feel like home

4.) What if my loved one already lives in a senior living community?


  • We work collaboratively with senior communities to ensure your loved ones care needs are being met by providing on-site visits with your loved on and care staff

  • We can serve as an emergency contact and ensure communication between all parties

5.) What if my loved does not have any immediate health concerns?


  • Our team is familiar with social and emotional support programs such as volunteer opportunities, exercise programs, social clubs, and companion visits

  • Social involvement in the community promotes a sense of purpose for seniors

6.) How do I pay?


  • We charge on an hourly basis and services are not covered by insurance

  • Check with our team today to see whether or not a sliding scale fee can be established

7.) What if my loved one is resistant to accepting help?


  • We start slowly in order to build trust with your loved one by understanding what is most important to them

  • Our team listens with empathy to understand if their resistance is due to feelings of losing their independence, having a stranger in the home, or cost and we validate those concerns

  • Once our team has narrowed down a list of recommended services, we strive to make your loved one a part of the process which helps them establish acceptance to care and support

8.) Are you available for emergencies?


  • Yes, our team is available to our current clients and their families in emergent situations such as hospitalizations, transition to end of life care, and instances of caregiver burnout

  • While we are there for emergencies, our goal is to prevent emergencies from happening by formulating an emergency response plan

9.) How do you communicate information to me?


  • Our team utilizes a HIPPA compliant, online charting system that allows our team to streamline information and updates quickly and effectively to our clients whether that is via email, text messaging, or check-in phone calls

  • We relieve your worry by providing regular check-in’s both in person and over the phone and communicating with you every step of the way


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